January 1, 1975

The Olde Towne East Development Association (OTEDA) forms and is incorporated as a 501(c)4 type, tax-exempt, not for profit organization.


January 1, 1976

OTEDA is instrumental in obtaining a National Historic District designation for a portion of the association area. OTEDA participates in the Community Development Block Grant Program for a portion of the association area and seats representatives on the CDBG Advisory Council administrating $2.9 million in CDBG funding. OTEDA sponsors the first Community Flea Market & Festival which has grown into Hot Times, an independent three-day arts and music held each September.


January 1, 1979

OTEDA changes its name to the Olde Towne East Neighborhood Association (OTENA), which the membership felt better reflected the true nature of the Organization.


January 1, 1980

OTENA adopts a resolution placing its highest priority on making improvements without displacing people already living in the community.


January 1, 1981

OTENA negotiates with the American Red Cross and saves threatened housing stock on Madison Avenue.


January 1, 1982

OTENA organizes a restoration program funded by a Community Development Block Grant, resulting in planting of hundreds of flowering trees along the Near East Area streets. OTENA sponsors and produces the first Rehabilitation Tour of Buildings in the area. OTENA researches and produces the OTE Redevelopment Guidelines.


January 1, 1984

OTENA organizes and implements a property identification program. OTENA partners with Blackburn Recreation to sponsor a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.


January 1, 1985

OTENA develops, implements the Community Garden Program with a grant from the Columbus Department of Human Services, which the community matches with 1,000 hours of free labor donated by 30 neighbors. OTENA develops and produces a holiday pageant including a live nativity.  Costumed area residents from the evening tableau in the park area of the Community Garden.  The pageant was produced for three years.


January 1, 1985

OTENA Develops and produces a Haunted House Event in the basement of St. Paul’s Church.  The event was produced for three years.


January 1, 1988

OTENA sponsors the formation of a Block Watch Program in response to growing concerns about drug and crime in the area. OTENA participates in the City of Columbus Landscape Improvement Program and beatifies Blackburn Park on the corner of Main & 18th Streets and restores 18th Street to Bryden Road. OTENA joins the efforts to oppose the ban on buses at area shopping malls.


January 1, 1989

OTENA receives the Columbus Clean Community Certificate of Appreciation for the participation in the Glad Bag-A-Thon.


January 1, 1990

OTENA negotiates an agreement with the American Red Cross, which protects three residential homes from parking lot encroachment, creates a neighborhood corner park, and encourages joint use of parking areas.


January 1, 1992

OTENA partners with five other community organizations to purchase the Community Garden site from its private owner.  This efforts is accomplished through a grant from the Columbus Neighborhood Partnership Fund administered by the Columbus Foundation. OTENA initiates the Summer Community Picnic Event.


January 1, 1993

OTENA partners with the Columbus Near East Area Commission in the re-zoning of a large portion of the area to reflect the actual name of its housing. OTENA produces Olde Towne East: Foundations of the Part—Revitalized for the Future, an informative brochure prompting the community.


January 1, 1994

OTENA upgrades and reprograms the Community Gardens funded by grant from an area church. OTENA begins the Victorian Holiday Tour of Homes that showcases Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa celebrations in the homes of neighborhood residents and local churches. OTENA partners with the Columbus Neighborhood Design Assistance Center to sponsor the Infill Housing Competition, which attracts entrants from around the world and creates a library of architectural designs for infill residences compatible with existing buildings in the Olde Towne neighborhood.


January 1, 1995

OTENA raised over $1500 and a truck load of supplies for Friends of the Homeless from the first Black Tie Gala held in conjunction with the annual Spring Tour of Homes. OTENA publishes the first edition of the Olde Towne Renovation Referral Guide to assist homeowners in selecting craftsmen and contractors for house renovations. OTENA provides a grant to the Plant Preservers, an environmental awareness group for neighborhood youth. OTENA partners with the Franklin County Prevention Institute to


January 1, 1996

OTENA raised over $2000 for Central Community House from the second Black Tie Gala held in conjunction with the annual Spring Tour of Homes. OTENA develops a workshop on managing change and dealing with the neighborhood diversity. OTENA develops a vision statement that provided a goal towards which organizational activities are directed. OTENA partners with the Columbus Apartment Association to produce and distribute informational packets to 7,000 neighbors in rental housing.


January 1, 1999

OTENA forms the Historic Homes of Olde Towne Coalition that publishes Historical Homes of Olde Towne Pictorial Guide. OTENA helps the residents of Bryden House with over 100 holiday presents of personal care item packets. OTENA organizes and produces a Bicycle Safety Rodeo at the Hot Times Festival that includes purchase and distribution of 75 bike helmets to neighborhood children. OTENA enables neighborhood senior residents to attend the Olde Towne Tour by providing tour tickets, transportation, and refreshments. OTENA develops and publishes the Urban Survival Guide that is adopted by the City of Columbus Department of Development as an informational tool. OTENA partners with other central city neighborhoods to form the Council of Historical Neighborhoods. OTENA commits to the cleanup of a portion of Main Street as part of the Rainbow Cleanup Coalition. OTENA designs and distributes a welcome packet to new area residents.


January 1, 2000

OTENA receives the Public Education and Awareness Award from the Ohio Historical Preservation Office of the Ohio Historical Society. OTENA commits funding and volunteer hours to redesign and rebuild the playground at the Douglass Elementary School. OTENA partners with other target area and the City of Columbus to facilitate the formation of the Columbus Compact bringing multi-million dollar grants into the core city communities.


January 1, 2001

OTENA partners with the Columbus Landmarks Foundation to produce the Halleluiah Tour of area homes and churches. OTENA is instrumental in persuading a local developer to save five historic mansions on Broad Street as single-family residents and offices.


January 1, 2012

OTENA holds its 30th Summer Tour of Historic Homes.


January 1, 2013

OTENA’s Summer Tour of Historic Homes features the Franklin Park Neighborhood showcases homes just east of OTE.


January 1, 2015

OTENA celebrates its 40th anniversary, established in 1975 as Olde Towne East Development Association (OTEDA). OTENA’s Summer Tour of Historic Homes features Woodland Park Neighborhood. OTENA’s Olde Towne Times Neighborhood Newsletter receives 1st place with the Neighborhoods USA’s award for Excellence in Newsletter Design and Communication. OTENA enters into an agreement with the City of Columbus Land Bank to cleanup and care for a community garden on South Ohio Avenue south of Madison Avenue. OTENA celebrates the winter holidays with the first Holiday Hooplah Potluck where neighbors gathered for food, music, and conversation.


July 17, 2017

OTENA celebrates its 35th Annual Summer Tour of Historic Homes with the largest ticket sales of over 1400 people.