Links Related to I70/I71 Crossroads Project

City Announcement of Project:

City Summary of Art Component:

8/11/2010 presentation to OTENA:

6/6/2007 Public Meeting:

8/11/2010 Presentation to OTENA:

Bryden/Town Street Bridge:

11/18/2003 Press Release:

Public Meeting – Bridge Slides 1/19/2012:

3/19/2014 Presentation: GOOD OVERVIEW OF PROJECT

4/2010 Design Enhancement Manual:

Fall 2006 ODOT Newsletter:

1/19/2012 Meeting Files:

Summer 2007 Newsletter:

3/19/2014 Bridge Design:

Constituent Meeting Results:

September 2010 Public Meeting:

Figures from Environmental  Assessment:

11/9/2009 Stakeholder Comment Form:

3/10/2010 Presentation to OTENA:

6/12/2010 Questions from City Council and ODOT Answers:

9/2012 ODOT Newsletter – Bridge Concepts:

12/2009 Public Comments to ODOT:

Main Line Design Enhancement:

Results of Noise Studies and Recommended Noise Abatement Walls: June2010.pdf

2/2010 Noise Report:

2/10/2009 Design Report:

8/2007 Report on Particulate Matter: